Women are rising through the ranks in business. Here’s why.

Opinion19.04.2020Linh Bui, FNF Vietnam
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There are more than 33 female CEOs in leading companies that made up the 2019 Fortune 500 List. While the number is still low, it is slowly increasing through the years. This means that women are playing more important roles in business than ever before. Women have proven themselves equipped with many of the attributes that translate to successful leadership in business.

What contributes to this encouraging development?

A new generation with in-depth knowledge

World Bank’s data has showed that the number of women enrolling in undergraduate and graduate courses is much higher than 20 years ago, dominating men in some criteria. Training books and other learning materials are distributed fairly among genders, and therefore women have access to pursue self-learning. This knowledge gives women more confidence, for instance to appear in TED Talks where they can motivate other entrepreneurs, or to pitch an innovative idea to Shark Tank for funding.

Women as skillful communicators

Women, from an early age, are taught to verbalize their feelings and thoughts. They openly express their emotions without fear of judgment. These are reasons why they are better at listening, reading body language, and understanding non-verbal cues. Women utilize these skills in the workplace to build trust and mutual understanding. They can effectively facilitate discussions, and successfully negotiate agreements because of their perceptiveness and intuition.

A smart brain complemented by an empathetic heart

A leader should not only be visionary, she should also possess interpersonal skills that center on empathy. Her vision provides direction, and her compassion secures the support that she needs to drive the company towards a common goal.

The embodiment of this is Bui Thi Suu, head of Hoa Binh JSC, a construction materials trading company with 14 branches in Vietnam. Her intelligence and soft heart, coupled with her strong passion for continuous learning helped her overcome difficulties and succeed in business. “I still find myself thrilled by new products in the market. Technology is changing the world every minute, and I’m always excited to try a novel item’s new features,” she shares.

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