Smart Cities and Startups partner to create better places to live

Jeju Forum

Smart Cities are information and communication technology (ICT)-driven. Digitalization and big data are employed to improve the quality of life of citizens. As demands of urbanization increase, startups buoyed by their entrepreneurial spirit become crucial collaborators of local governments to scale up business models geared towards smart city innovation.

How this partnership can be effective to make cities better places to live will be discussed in this year’s Jeju Forum. The session on Smart Cities and Startups – Opportunities for Business Innovation, organized by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) on 30 May 2019 at 17:10-18:40, will look at the challenges and opportunities that startups face to flourish and scale up. Policies that governments can promote to encourage more innovative smart city solutions from startups will be explored.

FNF assembled a panel of resource speakers for the session:
Marc Bovenschulte, Director of Institute for Innovation and Technology, Germany)
Sofia Ramirez, Business Developer of Hawa Dawa, Germany
Whang Ji Eun, Professor at University of Seoul, ROK
with Waltraut RITTER, Founder of Knowledge Dialogues, HongKong as facilitator.

The Jeju Forum is a regional multilateral dialogue, gathering leaders from different fields to talk about issues on peace and prosperity. 

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