Offices in the region

FNF Southeast and East Asia has eight offices in the region.
SEEAsia Group photo
Moritz Kleine-Brockhoff (second from left), Head of FNF Southeast & East region with FNF Country Heads


FNF opened its Innovation Hub in Hong Kong to support startups and digital civic organizations, and to promote smart city development, ultimately contributing to progress in society and economy in the region.


FNF advances tolerance, diversity, pluralism, and the rights of religious minorities in Indonesia. It helps build “Friendly City of Human Rights” by working with local government units. It promotes a corruption-free society, and free market.


FNF supports capacity building activities so individuals may be better equipped to participate fully in democratic processes especially fair and free elections in Malaysia. It promotes freedom of expression, and the rights of women in Islam.


FNF supported the democratic transition of Myanmar. By opening an office in Yangon in 2013, it is able to further help strengthen democratic institutions in the country, as well assist in improving the economic viability of small and medium enterprises through policy reform and fair competition.


FNF started its political work in the Philippines in 1986. Since then, it has worked to promote structural reforms towards transparent and accountable governance, accessible justice, and equal playing field in the market. It continues to generate public support for anti-corruption and responsible climate governance through its campaign It’s All About Freedom.


FNF has been present in Seoul since 1987, and has been holding activities in the North since 2004. FNF supports dialogue between the two Koreas. It wants to bring people together, and help create a peaceful and cooperative environment where every individual can thrive and prosper.


FNF has been active in introducing innovative educational tools in Thailand. It employs a creative approach to engage the public in discussions on the challenges and prospects for Thailand’s growth and development.


FNF opened its offices in Hanoi in September 2012. The focus of the Foundation’s work in Vietnam is the promotion of a social market economy, identifying the root causes of economic development