Live Freedom, Sing Freedom

Southeast Asia regional songwriting contest
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Nothing can drown out your voice. Express your freedom through a song!

We’re inviting music artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand to join our songwriting contest. National rounds will be held, where the best song will get a EUR 500 contribution to the production cost. The artists with the top song in each country will also be invited to Manila to participate in the Southeast Asia regional level with a chance to perform in Germany!

Your original music and lyrics will be a reflection of your aspirations for yourself and your community, an ensemble of possibilities for a bright future anchored on greater freedoms.

Deadline of entries is on 30 June 2020. (See FNF Country Office’s website for more details.)

Common tune to defend freedom

Southeast Asia has a continuing story in its quest for real freedom. From fighting for independence from colonizers and toppling dictators to claiming civic space and demanding truthful information, the region and its people are unrelenting. The coronavirus outbreak has also brought to surface many challenges, including the balancing of freedoms and containment strategies. It is in difficult situations when the essence of freedom becomes palpable, and the commitment to safeguard it is reinforced.

These are true in the political, economic, social spheres. In one’s personal life, how do you experience and stand up for freedom? When you share a thought on social media, or when you articulate a dissent – these are about freedom of expression and opinion, and we want you to tell it in a song.

Living Freedom songwriting contest spotlights the importance of people’s participation in governance, and also finds meaning in freedom in everyday life. It’s a stage to convey hopes and a call to action, that in spite any crises “freedom is what lies on the other side of fear,” and we all have a responsibility to shape our own future. It’s about striking a chord and generating emotions of positivity, to restart and embrace new opportunities and become the best of ourselves. The contest creates harmony, a common tune to always defend freedom.

The contest is organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), a German liberal Foundation that promotes democracy, with offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and 50 other countries worldwide.

Learn, be recognized, and gain friends!

FNF offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand will hold separate online contests to cater to their local audience. One top song will emerge from the national rounds, each receiving tokens of recognition. They will move on to the regional level where they will also compete for the regional title

The regional finalists will undergo an online masterclass to help them enhance their music composition. Together, they will also produce a song that will reflect the region’s solidarity efforts and commitment to freedom.

In November 2020, should COVID-19 situations permit, the group will fly to Manila, Philippines for the finals where they will perform their individual and group compositions before a live audience. The top song and performance will be selected on this event, and the artist will get the chance to go to Germany.

EUR 500
contribution for the production cost for the top song in the country level, and a trip to Manila, Philippines for the artist to perform the song live

Trip to Germany
for the artist of the top song in the regional level

29 May – Launch and opening of submission of entries 
07 August (Fri) – Thailand online performance
14 August (Fri) – Philippines online performance
21 August (Fri) – Myanmar online performance
28 August (Fri) – Malaysia online performance
03 September (Fri) Indonesia online performance
October - Mentoring for country level top artists/ regional finalists
November – Regional live performance