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The online course Fighting Falsehoods in Southeast & East Asia is available for free.
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The problem of disinformation is widespread, even more today during the pandemic. Blurring the truth adds to the confusion and anxiety. It restrains access to critical information that could save lives.

The issue is in our midst, and directly affects us. This is why we want to arm you with knowledge and skills on fact-checking, and help abate the spread of false of information. Media literacy is an essential credential in today’s digital world that is full of snares. Get a training, and don’t fall into the trap of disinformation.

The course was developed by FNF and the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). It covers the methodology of fact-checking, verification, and debunking; gives examples of misinformation regulation attempts by governments; and offers practical tools and platforms for fact-checking. 

There's a two-step process to quality for a certificate: 1) watch the course videos, and 2) take the quiz.

To access the course videos:

1.    Visit
2.    Click "Buy Now"
3.    Login or create a account during this checkout process. You will not be charged to "buy" this course or create an account.  
4.    Use this registration code (in the field at the bottom left of the page): FNFB-RFVR-QKD4-2020-0131
5.    Select My Courses from the top right of the screen. Click "start course".

To participate in the quiz:

After watching the course videos, get at least 12/16 correct answers to quality for a certificate.

The course is offered for free until 31 August 2020.

FNF recently launched its camapaign #FreedomFightsFake that empowers citizens around the globe to think critically and “pre-bunk” disinformation.