Free Food Tour in Southeast & East Asia


Southeast & East Asia is a freedom destination. We’re offering you a tour of the region, and letting you experience freedom!  

Have you been to Malaysia, and observed the diversity of its people and culture? How about in Hong Kong, which is a hub of trade, not to mention of innovative ideas? Myanmar and Vietnam are bustling with tourists for their pagodas, but did you know that these states are abuzz with entrepreneurs as well? The world is invaded by KPop. Soon, Smart Cities based on the Korean model will reign, too!

We’ll take you to these places, and more!

Freedom is hard fought, and democracy is a journey. These may be abstract concepts to many hence, we would like to translate them into tangible experience, making them relevant to everyday lives. 

To give you a taste of freedom - literally - is a food tour! Meet Polgas, a popular comic character in the Philippines, savoring the cuisine of Southeast & East Asia, and the flavors of freedom! 

Free Food Tour in Southeast & East Asia