A line up of exemplary Asian women who epitomize grace under pressure and calm amidst calamity. Many of them are daughters of privilege, the keepers of the name of their illustrious legacies; others are self-made. But whether from elite or humble backgrounds, they are women for the underprivileged, the disenfranchised, the poor and the oppressed. For many, their foray into the political fray was by chance. But for all, the ultimate decision to enter the political fray, the steadfastness to remain there, and the determination to finish their tasks were all their own choices.

All them have been subjected to various attempts of degradation: chauvinism, public vilification and political persecution. Dark clouds of tyranny, populism, dogmatism and misogyny hover above many countries in Asia and many parts of the world; these heroines of democracy are the silver lining. Compelled by duty, they persevered under the most grueling circumstances. With inner strength, they squarely faced their nemesis, unrepentant tyrants.