3 Ways Asia Can Better Protect its Migrant Workers

A major part of migration in Asia occurs in the form of labor migration. Migrants in the region choose to leave their countries of origin in search of higher incomes, following friends or relatives,...

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Three Factors that Affect the Quality of Life of Disabled Persons in Asia

The past two decades have witnessed rapid development in Asia, as a result of which many Asian countries have emerged not only as global economic heavy weights, but also as strong political players...

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5 Reasons Governments Should Invest More in Vocational Training in Asia

Vocational education differs from traditional education in that it focuses on building the specific skills for specific trades. It engages individuals in the learning of practical skills for...

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Five Success Stories of the Working Group for ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism

ASEAN has struggled with its own human rights issues even amidst rapid economic growth and development in the region. While the subject of human rights is viewed as a grey area in many policy debates...

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Gender Gaps in Southeast and East Asia That Still Need to be Addressed

Over the past two decades, Southeast and East Asia has emerged not only as a global economic and political powerhouse but also made progress towards closing gender gaps in areas such as health,...

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3 Advantages of Labor Migration in Asia

Asia plays a significant role in global migration trends. Being the most populous continent on the planet, it is home to two of the most populous nations in the world, namely India and China, and...

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How to Decide Where to Set Up Your Startup

Entrepreneurship offers an attractive choice of freedom. At least in theory, entrepreneurs are free to choose what kind of business they want to create, manage their own working hours and operate...

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Factors that Can Make Startup Ecosystems more Valuable in Asia

Asia’s got its big startup ecosystem players like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea that have seen significant rise in startups as well as government support in strengthening their startup ecosystems...

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Top 3 Asian Countries “Expat-Preneurs” Do Business In

For decades companies that operate on a global level have sent expats abroad. This has allowed multi-nationals to more closely monitor their foreign subsidiaries and supply chains, and has improved...

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3 Factors Contributing to the Rise of Southeast Asian Entrepreneurs and Startups

With Asia’s strong emerging markets, it is expected that the region’s GDP will grow at an average of 6.2% annually between 2017 – 21. Beyond political changes in the region, countries in the region...

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