4 Indicators of a Good Digital Infrastructure

As we head into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the latest Global Information Technology Report sheds light on the status of the world’s digital economy and where it needs to head towards....

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5 Startups Making an Impact in Southeast Asia

Asia is witnessing a rapid growth in its startups scene. While the truth is that only a few startups make it beyond those crucial first three years of building a business, a lot of millennials with a...

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How You Can Spot, Flag, and Stop Fake News from Spreading

If you are on any social media platform, you probably have a sense of how quick platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are at pushing content onto your newsfeed. While the content that does...

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3 Downfalls of Internet Censorship

The latest global statistics on internet censorship are not very promising. Around 67% of all internet users live in countries where some form of internet censorship exists. With the proliferation of...

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How Transportation Infrastructure Impacts Your Daily Life

The latest Global Enabling Trade Report reveals that the Asia and Pacific region is performing quite well in relation to building the necessary “pillars” to better engage in International Trade....

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3 Reasons Why Ease of Doing Business in a Country is Important

With the growing number of small-and-medium enterprises in the region, ease of doing business plays a crucial role in the region’s economic growth. While ease of doing business has implications for...

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Top 5 Things Graduates Look For In Their First Job

A graduate’s first job can be defining for his/her career. With the years put into college and university degrees, it often represents the next big step in their independence, freedom, and individual...

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3 Things that Help Digital Economies Grow

We’re approaching (if not already) that era where around 3 billion of us are connected to the Internet. For a lot of us in urban and developed cities, using apps to organize our transport, digital...

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How the Internet Age is Shaping Business and Human Rights

Now roughly in existence for three decades, the internet continues to be a wild west for human civilization. Countries all over the world are desperately trying to catch up to the ever evolving...

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The Five Biggest Issues Related to Business and Human Rights in Asia

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, endorsed in 2011, states in its introduction that “business enterprises can profoundly impact the human rights of employees, consumers, and...

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