Why countries should not restrict internet freedom

In this day and age we have become accustomed to the fact that pretty much all the information and services we need are available at our fingertips. The internet permeates virtually all aspects of...

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4 Industries in Southeast Asia That Benefit the Most from Migrant Workers

It may surprise some that while Asia is home to a significant number of labor emigrants, a lot of this labor migration happens within the region. In Southeast Asia, for example, it is quite common to...

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Best Practices from Asia’s Best School Systems

There can be no denying that education is one of the most important fundamentals for development and growth. Countries that have invested in capable and competitive education systems reap the...

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3 Challenges in Addressing LGBTI Rights in SEA

Southeast Asia is home to some of the region’s most advanced economies that hold a lot of opportunities for citizens. Poverty continues to be tackled head on while other development issues like...

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Three Ways Southeast Asia can deal with Brain Drain

For the past two-odd decades, Southeast Asian countries have grappled with the fact that a fair share of their best and brightest packed their stuff and left for better opportunities abroad....

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3 Ways Asia Can Better Protect its Migrant Workers

A major part of migration in Asia occurs in the form of labor migration. Migrants in the region choose to leave their countries of origin in search of higher incomes, following friends or relatives,...

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Three Factors that Affect the Quality of Life of Disabled Persons in Asia

The past two decades have witnessed rapid development in Asia, as a result of which many Asian countries have emerged not only as global economic heavy weights, but also as strong political players...

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5 Reasons Governments Should Invest More in Vocational Training in Asia

Vocational education differs from traditional education in that it focuses on building the specific skills for specific trades. It engages individuals in the learning of practical skills for...

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Five Success Stories of the Working Group for ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism

ASEAN has struggled with its own human rights issues even amidst rapid economic growth and development in the region. While the subject of human rights is viewed as a grey area in many policy debates...

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Gender Gaps in Southeast and East Asia That Still Need to be Addressed

Over the past two decades, Southeast and East Asia has emerged not only as a global economic and political powerhouse but also made progress towards closing gender gaps in areas such as health,...

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