See Asia, Experience Freedom

The stories on the continuing journey to democracy of Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam will be unraveled in Freedom Journey ASIA.

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Freedom Journey ASIA

How Southeast Asia Can Improve Its Data Privacy Protection

Asia is rapidly expanding its digital economy with tech startup hubs popping up in the region and governments investing in further expanding their digital infrastructures. Additionally, with citizens...

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Freedom of Information and Southeast Asia – Status Quo and Deficiencies

Access to information is one of the keys to a functioning democracy. Giving citizens the legal and practical means to access public documents enables them to fully participate in public life, thereby...

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Implications of an Aging Society on Asia’s Economies

Humanity is facing a development that has never before occurred in human history: Populations around the world are ageing, some more rapidly than others. Some of the world’s most advanced economies...

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Four Ways Big Data Helps Local Economies Grow

The digital economy has proliferated in some advanced economies around the globe, whether it is in the United States, Europe, or even in Asia. In Singapore, we see some of the region’s best practices...

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Creating Value Through Human Rights in Business

The issue of globalization and open markets is in the forefront of public debate these days, and this is not only because it affects the economy, but human rights as well. The most common concern is...

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Why countries should not restrict internet freedom

In this day and age we have become accustomed to the fact that pretty much all the information and services we need are available at our fingertips. The internet permeates virtually all aspects of...

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4 Industries in Southeast Asia That Benefit the Most from Migrant Workers

It may surprise some that while Asia is home to a significant number of labor emigrants, a lot of this labor migration happens within the region. In Southeast Asia, for example, it is quite common to...

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Best Practices from Asia’s Best School Systems

There can be no denying that education is one of the most important fundamentals for development and growth. Countries that have invested in capable and competitive education systems reap the...

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3 Challenges in Addressing LGBTI Rights in SEA

Southeast Asia is home to some of the region’s most advanced economies that hold a lot of opportunities for citizens. Poverty continues to be tackled head on while other development issues like...

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