4 Factors Governments in Asia Need to Consider in Developing Startup Complexes

If you’re familiar with the startup race in Southeast Asia you are probably familiar with the concept of startup ecosystems and the fact that Singapore is very keen on being at the top of its game....

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3 Ways Governments in Asia can Attract Entrepreneurial Investments

Asia is home to some of the world’s most successful startups and businesses. While most of this success is harbored in Asia’s advanced economies like Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, the region has...

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4 Ways Governments Can Encourage Startups in Asia

Investments in startups and local entrepreneurs in Asia have been on a rapid rise in the past decade or so. Today, Asia boasts some of the biggest startup companies in the world. Adding to this, the...

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3 Ways Social Media Helps Bring About Social and Democratic Change

When people think about social media, what usually comes to mind are pictures of friends, food, cat memes, Facebook advertisements, and the never-ending supply of some form of news or the other....

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3 Best Practices of E-Government that are Relevant for Asia

Throughout the world there has been an increase in the number of countries opting to digitize their government services. In the latest United Nations E-Government Survey (2016), it was noted that...

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4 Ways to Catch up With The Digital Economy in Asia

At present, the ASEAN digital economy generates around $150 billion annually for the region. Connectivity and Online services make up the biggest portions of this revenue followed by user interface...

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3 Ways Family Businesses Can Start Going Digital in Asia

It is pretty common to find little mom-and-pop stores and restaurants sprinkled around big cities in Asia. Asia has a long established tradition in family businesses, some of which have sprung up to...

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4 Ways Industries are Being Impacted by Internet Fraud

Businesses worldwide engage in a certain level of planned and unplanned risks that most of the time is manageable. At the individual level, consumers who buy goods and services on the internet and...

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3 Ways Mobile Advertising is Making Life Easier for Entrepreneurs

Traditional marketing channels have been making way for digital ones in the past decade or so. In some parts of Asia this trend has yet to be introduced to standard business practices, given the pre-...

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3 Important Things to Consider in a Digital Economy’s Regulatory Environment

It is estimated that over the next ten years, in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Asia’s digital economy could add up to USD 1 trillion to ASEAN’s GDP. It is envisioned that our ASEAN...

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