Democracy requires rule of law and free market

Democracy needs institutions to work well especially the rule of law, including a strong list of basic human rights, and a competitive market economy.

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PHL People Power Monument

The Philippines' Freedom Journey

The anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law is a reminder that never again should atrocities be allowed to reign. Filipinos’ have the capacity to bring about change together as one nation.

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Freedom Facts Philippines philippines.fnst.org

Business Case Challenge Launched

FNF is looking for disruptive business ideas that incorporate the promotion of human rights in business operations and culture.

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Business Case Challenge

Southeast Asia: Reclaiming its place as a global hub of exchange

History tells us that trade has shaped Southeast Asia for thousands of years. Apart from goods, new ideas and technologies flowed along these routes.

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History of Globalization

Leadership requires constant tweaking

The essence of leadership does not vary - the why of connecting with people, having influence, having values and a vision always remains same, but the how and what does vary.

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Leadership Innovation

EU and ASEAN: Different history, common goals

While the history and culture of Europe is very different from Southeast Asia, some of the fundamental structural issues that shape international cooperation exist in both regions.

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ASEAN at 50: Slow but steady development

ASEAN has delivered 50 years of economic development and peaceful cooperation to its members. It has seen an expansion of trade and a deepening of economic cooperation.

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ASEAN at 50

Indonesia's Freedom Journey

Indonesia is the world's third largest democracy. The road was not easy. Today, while Indonesia has made impressive democratic gains, the country continues to struggle with various challenges.

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Proclamation Monument Jakarta indonesia.fnst.org

More freedom means more innovation

Drivers of Innovation podcast series explores stories where innovation means more than introducing new technology.

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Driver of Innovation Lawrence Hui

Freedom-Journey with us!

How do you best experience freedom in Southeast and East Asia? Tell us through your pictures! Post your Freedom Foto on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #FNFSEEAsia .

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PH Bea Fojas