3 Advantages of Labor Migration in Asia

Asia plays a significant role in global migration trends. Being the most populous continent on the planet, it is home to two of the most populous nations in the world, namely India and China, and...

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How to Decide Where to Set Up Your Startup

Entrepreneurship offers an attractive choice of freedom. At least in theory, entrepreneurs are free to choose what kind of business they want to create, manage their own working hours and operate...

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Factors that Can Make Startup Ecosystems more Valuable in Asia

Asia’s got its big startup ecosystem players like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea that have seen significant rise in startups as well as government support in strengthening their startup ecosystems...

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Top 3 Asian Countries “Expat-Preneurs” Do Business In

For decades companies that operate on a global level have sent expats abroad. This has allowed multi-nationals to more closely monitor their foreign subsidiaries and supply chains, and has improved...

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3 Factors Contributing to the Rise of Southeast Asian Entrepreneurs and Startups

With Asia’s strong emerging markets, it is expected that the region’s GDP will grow at an average of 6.2% annually between 2017 – 21. Beyond political changes in the region, countries in the region...

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How Startups Are Making Inroads Into Law

If you were to look for legal services during the 1960s, you would probably use personal connections or consult the local yellow pages in order to find a lawyer to give you legal advice. He would...

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4 Factors Governments in Asia Need to Consider in Developing Startup Complexes

If you’re familiar with the startup race in Southeast Asia you are probably familiar with the concept of startup ecosystems and the fact that Singapore is very keen on being at the top of its game....

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3 Ways Governments in Asia can Attract Entrepreneurial Investments

Asia is home to some of the world’s most successful startups and businesses. While most of this success is harbored in Asia’s advanced economies like Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, the region has...

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4 Ways Governments Can Encourage Startups in Asia

Investments in startups and local entrepreneurs in Asia have been on a rapid rise in the past decade or so. Today, Asia boasts some of the biggest startup companies in the world. Adding to this, the...

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3 Ways Social Media Helps Bring About Social and Democratic Change

When people think about social media, what usually comes to mind are pictures of friends, food, cat memes, Facebook advertisements, and the never-ending supply of some form of news or the other....

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