Music brings life to ASEAN’s community for all

How does ASEAN communicate their message to ordinary people? By floating human interest stories and making them accessible through arts including songs.  

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South Korea's Freedom Journey

South Korea is an exemplary showcase of the liberal theory that economic development leads to the political progress; of market economy going hand in hand with liberal democracy.

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Freedom Journey South Korea korea.fnst.org

We can always make a fresh start

When we look around the region and the world, there is much that we may be worried, yet we would all do well to remember how much has changed for the better in the last decades.

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siggHiSTORY New Year's message

Thailand's Freedom Journey

Thailand faces a number of democratic challenges. Nonetheless, Thai youth are still highly participative in activities that they believe could initiate change in society.

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Freedom Journey Thailand thailand.fnst.org

Holidays as result of trade of fun ideas

The Dutch took their version of the good bishop Sinta Klass to New York, and then he got transformed to the Santa we know today. In an nterconnected world, ideas for having fun are traded as well.

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Happy Holidays!

Travel app for freedom wins 'Shark Tank' prize

Choose a country to visit. Answer questions related to challenges to democracy. Get AI for sound judgment. Find out how liberal solutions work. All this will be available in the Freedom Explorer...

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Shark Tank

Use technology to solve real problems

Access to information and technology makes a big difference in the development of any country. If the world can be more interconnected, a lot of amazing things can happen

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Driver Kobus Ehlers

Blockchain to secure right to privacy

As trade becomes more globalized, innovative business models that embrace respect for human rights, and that similarly goes beyond the usual CSR programs, are valuable.

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BCC check

Rule of Law regulates conflict in society

The key problem for those wielding power was how to create trust among the population so that people would trade and invest more and thus grow the economy. The answer was the law.

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Rule of law

Asia is century’s big changemaker

Asia is an inspiration to Germany and around the world according to FNF Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Juergen Morlok who did a short visit to Hong Kong and Indonesia.

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Innovation Hub tram