Europe has greater bargaining chip with China than the US

The US’ protectionist policy for its manufacturing industry, its involvement in maritime issues in Southeast Asia, and its dwindling economy put Europe ahead of trade deals with China.

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US-China Trade war

Cambodia’s Freedom Journey

The political situation in Cambodia is marked by suppression of freedoms, but all is not lost. There remain individuals who try to resuscitate Cambodia, and revive its natural yearning for freedom...

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Freedom Journey Cambodia

Asia sets examples for effective political education

The Rights Card Game, a gamified educational tool developed by FNF Thailand, has caught on with students across the country in schools and universities.

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Pan Asia good practices

FNF adopts strategic changes to respond to global democratic challenges

CEO Steffen Saebisch emphasizes that the Foundation's goal is to be the creative innovation platform for the promotion of freedom.

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Pan Asia Meet

Vietnam's Freedom Journey

That economic success will lead to political freedom, is only partially true in Vietnam. The current political system offers economic growth, but the country faces ever greater problems.

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Freedom Journey Vietnam vietnam.fnst.org

Myanmar's Freedom Journey

Myanmar’s freedom journey still requires many transition steps to allow it to fully ascend, and live its promise of real democracy that respects human rights and rule of law.

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Freedom Journey Myanmar myanmar-en.fnst.org

Music brings life to ASEAN’s community for all

How does ASEAN communicate their message to ordinary people? By floating human interest stories and making them accessible through arts including songs.  

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South Korea's Freedom Journey

South Korea is an exemplary showcase of the liberal theory that economic development leads to the political progress; of market economy going hand in hand with liberal democracy.

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Freedom Journey South Korea korea.fnst.org

We can always make a fresh start

When we look around the region and the world, there is much that we may be worried, yet we would all do well to remember how much has changed for the better in the last decades.

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siggHiSTORY New Year's message

Thailand's Freedom Journey

Thailand faces a number of democratic challenges. Nonetheless, Thai youth are still highly participative in activities that they believe could initiate change in society.

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Freedom Journey Thailand thailand.fnst.org