World War I ended 100 years ago. Something similar could happen again.

A centenary raises troubling questions.

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World War One

Youth Unwasted: Leader, tutor, volunteer works for peace amid uncertainty

Danyal Abdulloh dreams of peace, freedom, and equal opportunities, about youth unwasted. He believes they will all come true.

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Danyal Abdulloh

German MP highlights role of organized liberalism

German Member of Parliament (MP) Bettina Stark-Watzinger discusses the current polarization in German politics, but remains optimistic on the future of liberalism

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One man's generosity of spirit

Muntarbhorn pointed out that his unwavering optimism stems from an understanding that human rights are not insular.

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Vitit Muntarbhorn

FNF Vietnam's publication wins best book in economics

The book emphasizes the need to institutionalize reforms in economic liberalization to ensure sustainable benefits of a market economy.

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VN Good Books Award

Law as shield, lipstick as armor

Being an alternative lawyer has defined Atty. Cathy Alvarez' standard of success: it means being free, and helping others become free. It's also about wearing lipstick.

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Cathy Alvarez

Parents advised to enroll kids in coding

Coding is a language that enriches the thought process. The real innovators and entrepreneurs use coding as a tool like math and science to solve real world problems.

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Armin with Dr. Lee at Jeju Forum

FNF ready for digital solutions

The Foundation is moving its directory to OPAL, a customer relationship management system, to reach more people and increase its visibility through data-oriented networking.

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SEEAsia OPAL Certificates

Hong Kong's Freedom Journey

Hong Kong’s freedom journey began when it opened its doors to the world – offering opportunities to migrants, and showcasing the benefits of international trade to the global economy.

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Freedom Journey Hong Kong innovationhub.fnst.org