50 Years and more tomorrows

FNF Indonesia's 50 Years celebration was an occasion of pride and joy.

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Indonesia at 50

Friedrich Naumann: The modern liberal

Naumann’s sense of reality could not be more true today, one hundred years later. To cite him meant to declare one's adherence to modern liberalism.

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Friedrich Naumann

FNF programs in Thailand and Myanmar nominated for Democracy Award

FNF media literacy programs raise awareness on the issue of fake news, and encourage citizens to become responsible media consumers.

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WFD 2019

Today’s generation face existential challenge

This generation has been presented the unique challenge of providing the necessary leadership to push back.

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Traveling is about freedom

Freedom of mobilitiy, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, and individual freedom is how the youth define traveling.

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Freedom Explorer awarding

Christian Lindner in Asia: Innovation, Environment, Security, and Society 5.0

Lindner, Chairman of Germany´s Free Democratic Party (FDP), along with other members of the German Parliament, visited Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo.

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CL Asia Delegation

Free Food Tour in Southeast & East Asia

To give you a taste of freedom - literally - is a food tour! Meet Polgas, a popular comic character in the Philippines, savoring the cuisine of Southeast & East Asia, and the flavors of freedom! 

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Global innovators meet in Hong Kong

Technology mavens, big data analysts, startup experts, and civic leaders meet in Hong Kong to share experiences, and create solutions and tools in response to global issues.

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DCM HK Group

Freedom is a creative project

Access to reliable information, economic hurdles, and an open attitude and mindset were identified as widespread concerns in the region

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SEEAsia Alumni

Smart Cities are playground for startups

The development in technology ushered in smart cities. Urbanization has led to the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) in cities’ planning system, improving living standards and creating space...

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Jeju Forum 2019