How Thailand's civil society is fighting digitally against COVID-19

Creative solutions from civil society are urgently needed. Thais are stepping up.

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TH Coronavirus

You want to be a fact-checker? Here's an online course for free!

FNF and IFCN developed a course to equip internet users with strategies to stem the flow of misinformation and disinformation.

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In the fight against coronavirus, Asia's governments adopt emergency laws

The new coronavirus is spreading in Southeast Asia. As public life stands still, governments expand their powers.

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COVID-19 Checkpoint

Innovation is Liberating

Innovation represents something new, and like everything novel, it generates excitement.

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SEEAsia Annual Report 2019

Populist leaders consolidate support by creating enemies

Populist leaders discredit the democratic system, the ultimate goal of which is to increase their own political power to be in office writes Jarvis Tsang of Civic Party Hong Kong.

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IAF Populism Jarvis Tsang

Wastes not wasted

Dealing with waste management, she would hear sexist comments like: You’re a woman. Why would you play with dirty waste? “Why not? We all have a responsibility to sort any kind of mess we make."

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Vania Santoso

The world as it should be

"The Quran has always upheld the interest of the child. There is nothing Islamic about child marriage," asserts Eena.

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Azareena Abdul Aziz

All’s well that ends well

Fighting disinformation has become a perilous work in Myanmar. For Phyu, the risk is worth it if only to secure peace and development in the country.

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Phyu Phyu Thi

Stronger Together

The highest leader in the country vocally treats women as sex objects – a violation of human rights that is creeping into the system, and that Kaka is set to dismantle.

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Kaka Bag-ao

A Rose in the mountains

It is not easy for a woman to run a business in Vietnam. Traditional views constrain them from aiming for greater roles in life such as becoming business leaders. Ms. Suu tries to change this.

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Bui Thi Suu