What’s in a law?

Gender-related laws and strategic actions that have been put in place to secure women’s rights in Southeast Asia

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Down but not out

Liberal democrats face serious challenges—but armed with lessons from the past and the coronavirus crisis—they can push back the seeming slide to authoritarian rule.

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Asia Covid-19

Democracy means balance: Do not deny governments authority to deal with pandemic

Liberals and democrats must be careful not to be seen to be opposing the role of the state if it confined itself to providing economic and social security to the population.

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June 30

Artificial Intelligence and its role in disinformation

Deepfakes are still relatively uncommon on the internet, but as their use and dissemination increases, they are turning into a growing challenge for our society.

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What does Living Freedom mean to you?

EUR 500 contribution to the production cost and a trip to Manila await the top artists in the country level. They will participate in the regional round with a chance to perform in Germany.

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Living Freedom

Women provide leadership where it is absent

As we have always done throughout our struggle for equality, we have made much out of little, and more than made do when we were given less.

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FFI Webinar

Empowering Women Means Helping the World

How does this pandemic magnify the persistent problem of inequality, particularly the inequality experienced by women? And how do we respond? VP Leni Robredo's mantra: Find the gaps and fill them....

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FFI Webinar

Live Freedom, Sing Freedom

We’re inviting music artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand to join our songwriting contest.

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Liberalizing trade is the answer to COVID-19

Keeping trade open would have avoided food shortage and unemployment.

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The broken promise of Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi has failed to deliver her promised constitutional reform. Nevertheless, she remains popular - and is likely to win the next election.

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