Innovation is Liberating

Innovation represents something new, and like everything novel, it generates excitement.

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SEEAsia Annual Report 2019

Populist leaders consolidate support by creating enemies

Populist leaders discredit the democratic system, the ultimate goal of which is to increase their own political power to be in office writes Jarvis Tsang of Civic Party Hong Kong.

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IAF Populism Jarvis Tsang

Southeast Asia’s empowered women in spotlight

#FemaleForward2020 presents five stories of women rising above tides and hierarchies. Their achievements show how organizations, businesses, and communities thrive when women take on bigger roles.

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A story of continuous learning

Sharing ideas through values, and telling stories to make people care about the cause is the best way to learn and inspire change.

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Husai's Story

How do we wish to live in the future?

Human rights are under threat around the globe. Democrats must not be silent and look the other way when there is the possibility of taking action.

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HR Work 2019

Asia shares lessons on digitalization, anti-disinformation, women empowerment

Asia embraces the potential of new technologies to create jobs and business opportunities. Europe is more concerned about data protection and privacy.

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The art of asking

The alumni network will launch a social media community page, an economic literacy school caravan, and create a pool of student fact-checkers to promote civic participation among the youth.

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Regional Alumni Network BKK

Asian Liberals: A story of solidarity

As democracy in Asia continues to face challenges, CALD remains steadfast in promoting values that guarantee individual freedom and human rights.

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Fighting fake news does not depend on government

Education is the best avenue where citizens are taught better critical-thinking skills.

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CALD Fake news

Political innovation requires radical transparency

The idea of open government, collaboration meetings, and radical transparency is to involve citizens as co-designers of service to the people.

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CALD Audrey Tang Hackathon