Southeast and East Asia

  • DCM HK Group

    Global innovators meet in Hong Kong

    Digital transformation provides a tremendous wave of opportunity
  • SEEAsia Alumni

    Freedom is a creative project

    Southeast & East Asia sets regional agenda
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    What can be done to counter fake news?

    Focus on citizens’ individual responsibility
  • Fake news

    A necessary controversy: Defining “fake news”

    The very term helps undermine the entire news-gathering and news dissemination enterprise
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    Freedom means change

    Working For Freedom is a emboldening statement.
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    Working for freedom is not easy

    FNF SEEAsia awards long-time staff
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    Speech trainers’ advice: Strive to be magical

    You can’t be magical all the time, but you can strive to be magical all the time
  • 60 Years Puzzle

    FNF at 60: Democracy is never safe

    Political education is necessary for people to understand democracy - and defend it

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is the foundation for liberal politics in the Federal Republic of Germany.

It aims to make the principle and values of freedom valid for the dignity of all people and in all areas of society. FNF assists in the development of democratic and constitutional structures by supporting liberal parties and groups. A strong network of democratic parties, human rights organizations, and academic institutions support the Foundation’s goal of advancing participatory democracy, guaranteeing the rule of law and protecting human rights, and promoting free market.

In the Southeast and East Asia region, FNF supports programs to strengthen democratic processes particularly free and fair elections, and transparent and accountable governance. It holds discussions to highlight the value of an open and pluralist society, and the universality of human rights, and to underline the benefits of economic freedom. The Foundation also organizes activities to raise awareness on climate change adaptation. FNF central idea, in its offices in Germany and worldwide, is the realization of freedom and responsibility.

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