16 Startups in Southeast Asia that are Helping Push the Digital Economy Forward

The past few years have seen a recent boom in startups and interest in entrepreneurship in the region. With the digital and information age effectively heralded in, it is no wonder that new...

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Man working on Computer

3 Ways Telecommunications Can Digitally Transform Healthcare in ASEAN

As digital society becomes ever so prevalent and important in life, the potential for health care grows, as its horizon expands. With telecommunication comes accessibility to information and...

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Building Environmentally Sustainable Schools: Meet Thailand’s “Bamboo School"

You might be surprised to hear that “sustainable farming” is an essential part of a school’s curriculum. But then again, you might not be thinking of this school. Thailand’s “Bamboo School”, or,...

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Rainbow bridge

Why Internet Freedom is Key to Understanding Human Rights in the 21st Century

The relationship between internet freedom and human rights have increasingly come to the forefront of debate. Following high-profile cases like that of Edward Snowden and the revelations about mass...

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Beyond Legal Progress: The Reality of LGBT Discrimination in Vietnam

Over a year on from Vietnam’s lifting of bans on same-sex marriage ceremonies, advancements in the rights of LGBT citizens throughout the Southeast Asian region seem to have stagnated, and indeed in...

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Building smart and historically rich cities: Welcome to Bangkok's Fort Mahakan

With the rush to create “smarter” urban spaces, sometimes cities with rich cultural and historical heritage risk losing those qualities that are unique to city spaces that have been around for a...

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Bangkok Skyline

'Least Miserable' or 'Most Happy'? What's the difference for your country?

Measuring a country’s happiness is not an easy task. For one, how do you define happiness and select indicators that would provide an accurate measurement of happiness across all nations? While these...

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Happy Asian Farmer

5 Inspiring Stories Behind Asian Athletes who Competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Nowhere else in the competitive sports world do you see the ambitious and individualistic drive to chase after the biggest and most far-fetched dreams than in the Olympics. It is the ultimate trail...

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Rio Oympics 2016

8 Exciting Uses for Augmented Reality

We live in an era of entrepreneurial boom and our global economy has become increasingly digitized. New discoveries and inventions in the field of technology have meant that tech gadgets and...

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Pokemon Go Augmented Reality

Economic Freedom and Development

Our programs in the Southeast and East Asia region also support the strengthening of economic freedom and economic development in the countries we work in, as well as at the regional level. Our work...

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Economic Freedom and Development